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      Ft2.com - US Homes for Rent Listing Service

      Ft2.com (stands for square feet) is a new company, that strives to change how those of us that rent and those that own or manage housing find each and connect with each other.

      We believe that those that are looking for a place to live, no matter the income level, social status or other factors deserve to have a clear choice, a tool that would allow to compare and find a home that’s right for you.

      For those of us that own or manage rental properties in US, we believe in advertising that works. That means a platform to advertise properties for free, not having to resubmit your listings every day, sometimes several times per day, and only pay a reasonable amount if you find real tenants.

      "I must say that your site was the best site I've ever worked with when it comes to posting information online. Terrific, un-cluterred user interface, logical navigation, and fast." -Brigitte

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